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Cardinal Gracias and Cardinal Toppo Dedicate the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India to the Nation


The publication of the three volumes of the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India is a worthy model for the world Churches and an incomparable achievement and contribution of the Church in India, stated Oswald Cardinal Gracias in Guwahati, dedicating the work to the nation. The publication of the third and final volume is something of which the Encyclopaedia team can be justly proud, but they should not rest on their oars but must continue their much needed work of service to the Church in India today, His Eminence went on to say. Telespore P. Cardinal Toppo dedicated the volumes to the world Christian community. The two Cardinals officially released the Encyclopaedia by exchanging copies of the work, in the presence of Archbishops and Bishops from all over India and members of the CBCI Commissions. Archbishop Andrews Thazhath, Prof. George Menachery the Editor of the Encyclopaedia, and Dr. George Plathottam the secretary of the CBCI Commission for Media also spoke on the occasion.

The Encyclopaedia comprises the contributions of hundreds of well-known scholars from all over India and abroad. There are articles on almost every aspect of Christianity in india, dealing with all chronological, denominational, and geographical divisions. The more than thousand illustrations on art plates, half of them on full colour art plates, in addition to the dozens of maps including a whole Christian and Linguistic atlas of India, and the graphs, tables, figures, and sketches go to make the work an exhaustive reference tool. Each major article is supported by bibliographies and inclusive end-notes, making the encyclopaedia an indispensible reference work for seminaries and teheological colleges. universities and colleges, and libraries of ecclesiastical establishments and headquarters and formation houses of religious congregations.

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 The Thomapedia is the Enlarged 2000 Edition of the 1973 2nd Volume of the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India                     both edited by Prof. George Menachery

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Index to Title Words and Contributors

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The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia     
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   The Purpose

It encompasses within a single work our present knowledge of every aspect of Indian Christianity... Its faith,liturgy,scripture....the culture,habits,trends it has given birth to its contribution to art, architecture, language, literature, music, education.. to art, philosophy, social service... every other feature of the great Christian Tradition in India... from the most distant past to the present day... from its hold on the far North to its heroic story in the far South... its origins and spread in the West and East of the subcontinent... and its successes and failures in taking the message to hitherto unapproachable areas especially under the changed Indian circumstances now obtaining.

The St.Thomas Christian Encyclopedia of India is a reference work on India in general and on Indian Christianity in Particular. In addition to a wealth of statistical information and directory material, specialist essays have been contributed by hundreds of Archaeologists, Anthropologists, Artists, Historians, Educators, Biographers, Lexicographers and Researchers.

" Whatever your interest in the world of Indian Christianity you will find it in this vast word and picture library."

To bring together the vast store of knowledge required to fulfill the Encyclopedia's purpose, an editorial board was constituted consisting of some of the best minds in the field. In order to ensure the authenticity of each entry the editors enlisted the aid of an editorial advisory board of scholars representing the most distinguished men in the world of Christianity. 

The most brilliant authorities in India and abroad have contributed their special knowledge through hundreds of definitive articles. Whenever possible the person most closely associated with a particular subject was chosen to write upon it.

" The classic often considered as the begetter of most recent books and reference works in the field."

Separate articles on each Church, Denomination, Mission, State, Area , Organization, Movement, Saint, Pioneer, Missionary… Many articles on land, people, history, culture, scripture, liturgy, art, architecture, archaeology, dialogue, Indianization, evangelization, ecumenism, anthropology, sculpture, education, social service, Indology, traditions, customs, manners, world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Islam,…

"A comprehensive word and picture gallery."

The pages of  the Encyclopedia are illustrated with vivid, on the spot photographs and paintings in glorious full colour and striking black & white reproductions, in addition to the many sketches, charts, maps, tables and diagrams.

World Recognition
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·         A necessary acquisition for all theological and university libraries - Curtis Bochanyin, Divinity Librarian, University of Chicago

·         The STCEI, without question, fills a major qap for reference works on Indian Church History. We are eagerly looking forward to the 3rd volume. - Newland F. Smith, Librarian for Collection Development, United Library, lllnois

·         STCEI is a long awaited and much needed reference title for all libraries of religion and theology. It is thorough in its coverage of Christianity in India. Its articles are autographed and authoritative. Valuable too are the bibliographies accompanying most of the articles .. rich with maps, tables, and plates. A highly recommended reference tool for hard to obtain information - Kenneth O’Malley, C.P.,Library Director,Catholic Theological Union, Chicago.

·         A great and indispensable need of the hour - Valerian Cardinal Gracias

·         The authoritative articles, reproductions of ancient documents and the colour pictures will make the work very valuable
- Joseph Cardinal Parecattil

·         I want to commend to you a good reference book on Christianity in India . 1 know nothing better on that subject than the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India .. It is compendious and comprehensive, scholarly and ecumenical. Some of the best scholars in India and abroad have contributed. There are numerous high quality illustrations and maps .. It covers the whole ground - history, culture, customs, divisions, art, architecture, music, parish, life, liturgical vestments, Christian traditional occupations, dance and drama, institutions, statistics - the coverage is remarkable, and the reliability of the information very high ... It is a tool worth having for any library, for any scholar interested in the history of Christianity, for anyone interested in understanding India and its religious heritage - Paulos Mar Gregorios (Dr. Paul Verghese), Orthodox Theo. Coll. Principal and sometime President - the World Council of Churches

·         Like Veda Vyasa the Editor has brought together almost all the information that exist about Indian Christianity into an ordered whole for the first time…Antony Cardinal Padiara, the First Major-Archbishop

·         A wealth of essential information difficult if not Impossible to come across else where - Revue D’Histoire Eccl., Louvain, Belgium

·         It is a lavishly produced work, much better produced than what usually comes from India ... The whole approach is ecumenical both in intent and content - Eastern Churches Review. London, U.K.

·         The work is emphatically recommended - Kyrios Berlin, Germany

·         Each major article is written by an expert - - R. N. S., New York, N. Y.

·         An extra ordinary publishing achievement of lndian Christianity - USCC Bullettin. Washington, D.C.

·         A monumental work containing significant information - Baltimore Review

·         All the facts about Christian India - The Universe, London

·         Exhaustive, historical, sociological, liturgical, archaeological and cultural information - Ostkirchlihe Studien.Wiursburg

·         All these are treated with scholarly serenity by competent contributors - The Hindu. Madras

·         Authoritative volumes worth possessing - The Journal of Dharma

·         It is a big mirror in which is seen reflected a panoramic view of the historical, social, cultural and religious facets of the Christian community -  All India Radio

·         ...contributions are quite outstanding and even throw new light on well-known subjects - The Clergy Monthly

·         The most important feature of the Encyclopaedia is its pioneering probe into the antiquities of Christianity - P. Thomas

·         The best authorities in each denomination were invited to tell their story without the editorial cuts - - Metropolitan Mar Aprem

·         An exhaustive research tool that can be universally recommended - M. M. Thomas

·         Where governments and universities have failed the loving labour of a few individuals has triumphed - M. G. S. Narayanan in the Mathrubhoomi Weekly

·         Authoritative articles by Indian as well as Western authors deal with every aspect of Christianity in India - The Indian Express

·         It is to be respected as an extraordinary work of great importance - The Malayala Manorama


Original Contributions in the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia (Vol.II,1973) include the following Major Articles [in addition to hundreds of original Minor Articles]:
Faith and Character of St. Thomas – Mathew Vellanickal

Mission and Life of St. Thomas in India – Dr. Varkey Vithayathil

Excavations at S. Tome-Mylapore – E. R. Hambye

Roads to India – Maggy G. Menachery

Did St. Thomas Really Come to India – H. Comes

The Acts of Thomas – Anthony Porathur

Faith and Communion of the St. Thomas Christians – Xavier Koodapuzha

History of the Kerala Church in the Pre-portuguese period - Xavier Koodapuzha

The Church in Kerala at the Coming of the Portuguese – Paul Varghese (Paulose Mar Gregorios)

Christians in Malabar in Dutch Times – T. I. Punnen

The Dutch Period – T. I. Punnen

History of St. Thomas Christianity in India to the Present Day – A. M. Mundadan

The Latin Rite in Kerala – L. M. Pylee

The Origin of the Latin Christians of Kerala – Thomas Thayil

The Mission and Life of St. Francis Xavier in South India – J. M. Villarvarayan

The Re-Union Movement – Thomas Inchakalody

A "Jewish Christian" Community – Jacob Vellian

The Knanaya Community of Kerala – E. P. Mathew

The Syrian Orthodox Church - Paul Varghese (Paulose Mar Gregorios)

Introduction of the Antiochene Rite into the Malankara church – Cyril Malancheruvil

Malankara Syrian Knanaya Christian Community – Jacob Stephen

The Mar Thoma church – T. V. Philip

The Malabar Independent Syrian Church of Anjoor – Philexinose III

Church of the East – Mar Aprem

Inter Church Movements in Kerala – K. K. Chandy

Role of the Eastern churches in Ecumenical relations – E. R. Hambye

The Society of St. Thomas (Christhavashramam) Manganam – P. T. Thomas

An Ecumenical Attempt of the Eighties – Abraham Nidhiry

Church Unity in Kerala : Some Historical Cultural Consideration – T. V. Philip

Mission of the Eastern Church in India - E. R.Hambye

Feasts of the Thomas Christians – Joseph Neelankavil

The Sacraments of the Malabar Church before 1400 A. D. – J. Hilarion

Syro Malabar Liturgy Down the Centuries – Jacob Vellian

Patriarchal Dignity for the Malabar Church – Paul Chittilappilly

Role of the Syro Malabar Church in the Field of Evangelisation – Abraham Ettackakunnel

Culture and Traditions of the Thomas Christians – Joseph kolengadan

Character and Life Style of Thomas Christians – Alexander Cherukarakkunnel

Community Traits of Thomas Christians - Sadhu Ittiavira

The Syrian Christian Women – Mrs. K. M. Mathew

The Thomas Christian Copper Plates – Z. M. Paret

Thomas Christian Architecture – E. J. James Menachery

Kerala Church Architecture – Andrews Athapilly

Malayalam Literature and Kerala Christians – T. M. Chummar

Thomas Christians and Journalism – John Pellissery

Malayalam Language and Foreign Missionaries – Thomas Mathew Kottarathumkuzhi

Songs, Arts, Festivals of the Thomas Christians – Chummar Choondal

Kerala Christians in the Field of Social Service – P. T. Thomas

Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Theology Alwaye – Dominic OCD

Indianisation Among the St. Thomas Christians of Kerala – Alexander Cherukarakkunnel

Christian Influences on Hinduism before the European Period – P. Thomas

The Seven Churches of St. Thomas – V. C. George

Religions in Kerala – Varghese Kodickal

History of the Jews of Kerala – S. S. Koder

The People of Kerala – E. J. Thomas Menachery

Adaptation and the Future of Indian Christianity – Joseph Parecattil

Selections included from other unique sources in the Encyclopaedia (Vol.II, 1973) include the following Major Articles:

Apostle Thomas in the Gospel – Ladislas – Michel Zaleski

The Tomb of Mylapore – Georg Schurhammer

The Indian Apostolate of St. Thomas – Placid Podipara

Marco Polo's Account – Ed. Yule – Cordier

Pilgrim Centres of Madras Mylapore – Alberto Pereira De Andrade

Ancient Statue of St. Thomas – B. A. Figredo

The Witness of St. Ephraem and Others – A. E. Medlycott

Jewish Colonies of India Paved the Way for St. Thomas - Thomas Puthiakunnel

Sixteenth Century: Alliance with the Portuguese – Placid Podipara

The Three Rites in Malabar – Mathew Vattakuzhy

Early Jesuit Connections – Joseph Wicki

Early C. M. S. Missionaries –

The Ecumenical Situation in Kerala Today – Bede Griffiths

Hindu in Culture, Christian in religion, Oriental in Worship – Placid Podipara

Malabar Christian Customs and Manners – D. Ferroli

Cochin State Archaeological Research Reports on Kerala Christians –

The Mother of god Cathedral Calicut –

Partial Contents of the St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India - Major Articles in Vol. I:

Glimpses of India – *[Printed from other sources]

The People of India –  Mathew Vellankal

Origins of Christianity in India – the First Centuries –  A. M. Mathias Mundadan

Armenians and other Eastern Christians in India  Across the Centuries – E. R. Hambye

Outline of  the History of Latin Rite Christianity in India – Achilles Meersman

Saint Francis Xavier – A. M. George Jagatheesan

The Portuguese Padroado in India – Carlos Merces De Melo

Vicars Apostolic and Missions under the Propaganda in the XVII and XVIII Centuries – Dominic A S. Theresa

The Indian Church 1659-1887 and the Vicariate of Malabar: A View from Verapoly – Antony J. Panakkal

Christianity in Eighteenth Century India :  A Survey – E. R. Hambye

From Tranquebar to the “Sepoy Mutiny” – The First Century and a half of Protestant – Anglican Endeavour in India – Maggy G. Menachery

The Church in India in the XIX and  Early XX Centuries – Sir Stanley Reed *[Printed from other sources]

Protestant Christianity in India Since 1858 – T. V. Philip

History of the Lutheran Churches in India – H. Grafe

The Baptists in India – Frederick S. Downs

The “Quakers” or The Religious Society of Friends – Marjorie Sykes

The Salvation Army in India – Doreen Hobbs

The Mennonite Brethren Church of India – A. E. Jansen

The Pentecostal Churches of India – Andrew McDearmid

The Church of South India – J. R. Chandran

History of the Church of North India – Eric Nasir

Evangelical Missions in India: A Review – Roger E. Hedlund

Catholicism in North India : General Survey – P. De Letter

Christianity and the Cultural World of North-East India – Thomas Meenamparampil

Evangelisation in North-East India – Frederick S. Downs

Catholic Mission Work in Andhra Pradesh from 1500 to 1875 – Solomon Thanugundla

Catholicism in Andhra Pradesh Since 1875 – Oliver Scallon

Protestant Missionary Work among the Telugus – Tracy G. GipsonChurch Growth and the Outcastes of Andhra – W. Gordon carder

The Canadian Baptist Mission and Social and National Awakening – W. Gordon Carder

Contribution of the Basel Mission to the Socio-Cultural Life of the West Coast – Wilma John

The Christianisationof Wynad – Jacob Thumkuzhy

The Chirakkal Pulaya Mission – Valerian D’Souza

Christianity in Mahrashtra – D. Cortadellas

Christianity in Gujarat – Ishanand Vempeny

Christianity in Pakistan – William G. Young

Christianity in the Punjab I– John C. B. Webster

Christianity in the Punjab II – Clarence O. McMullen

Catholic Efforts in Jammu and Kashmir – W. Adamson

Christianity in Himachal Pradesh – S. Fuchs

Christianity in Uttar Pradesh – George Kaitholil

Christianity in Bihar – P. Ponette

Christianity in Sikkim – Victor W. Tucker

The Himalayas and Beyond – Anne-Isabella-Paul

West Bengal : Evangelisation in the City of Calcutta – Joseph Segers

Christianity in Bangla Desh – Francis A. Gomes

Christianity in Burma – Anton Freitag *[Printed from other sources]

The Tamil Church and Burma – N. C. Sargant

Catholic Efforts in Ceylon –

Protestant Work in Ceylon –

Hierarchy of the Catholic Church –

The Apostolic Nunciature in India –

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India –

The World Council of Churches – A. J. Van Der Bent

The National Christian Council of India – M. A. Z. Rolston

General Survey of Evangelisation in India – Renthy Keitzar

Evangelisation in the Indian Context – P. Clemens Thottungal

Formation for Evangelisation among the Thomas Christians – Canisius Thekkekkara

The Syro Malabar Church: Prospects for Evangelisation – George Punchakkunnel

The Catholic Malankara Church and Evangelisation – Domenic Zacharia

Culture at the Service of Evangelisation in India – Stephen Fuchs

Evangelising Work of the Church in India: Evolution and Constraints – Francois Hutart with Genevieve Lemercinier

Evangelisation in the Context of Other Religions – J. R. Chandran

Communication of the Gospel In the Context of India’s Struggle for a New Society – M. M. Thomas

Among other contributors of Major Articles are:

Francis Andrade George IV Puthenpura Kora Chandy Valerian D’Souza Protasio Soares Anthony Kakkanattu A. Mattos CH. Augustine Valerian D’Souza Alan De Lastic Jacob Kalapurayil J. Boerkamp J> P. K. Palakkathadam Jacob Aernat George Padinjarekkutt Jacob Adampukulam R. Prakash Reddy R. Lefevre D. Maria Joseph Pujo Stephen Gomez A. S. Colas J. Cheruchilampil Joseph Mittathany Joseph Gnayalloor George Chundavalel K. Parampil Raphael Thomas Kurisinkal R. I. Jesu…………

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Partial contents and Random Selection of

Titles of Articles in the

St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India

Vol. III

INDIA . Indology. Indian Christianity


~~Swami Siddinathananda

Saiva Siddhantha

~~X. Irudayaraj

Self-Understanding of Saiva Siddantha Scriptures

~~X. Irudayaraj

Canonical Books of Saivism and Vaishnaviam in Tamil and Sanskrit

~~Ignatius Hirudayam

The Nalayiram Prabandham


Mans Relation to God in the Varuna Hymns

~~Noel Seth

Revelation without a God

~~Francis Xavier DSa


~~George Punnakkottil

Indian Cultural synthesis


Scope and Essentials of an Indian Theology


Christianity and Shankaracharya

~~Richard De Smet









World Religions

~~Albert Nambiapparambil

The Research and Stufies by Western Missionaries and Scholars in Sanskrit Language and Literature


Indian Theology

~~G.Gispert-Sauch s.j.



Theological Encounter of Christianity with Indian Culture


Baptist Theological Education in Andhra

~~W.Gordon Carder

Inspiration and Revelation in the Quran

~~Sr.Arati Snow



The Guru In. Hinduism and Christianity


Biblical Inspiration and the Inspiration of Non-Christian Scriptures

~~George Soares Prabhu

Christians and Gujarati Literature

~~Joseph Mangalam


General Survey of Catholicism in India


Indian Christian Art

~~Matthew Lederle

National Seminar:Church in India Today


Indian Christians and Education


The Bombay 38th International Eucharistic Congress

~~M.M.Balaguer s.j.

Visit to India of Pope Paul VI 1964

~~M.M.Balaguer s.j.

Catechetical development in India from 1955-1967


Baptism in the Indian Christian Churches

~~Blaze Kadicheeni

Baptism in the Syro-Malabar Church

~~Paul-Blaze Kadicheeni

Liturgical Development in India




Indian Youth and Liturgy

~~Gerwin Van Leuwen

Church Music in South India


Church Music in Kannada

~~Felix Joseph Noronha

Hinduism and the Missionary


Christian Contribution to the Industrial Development of India

~~Matthew Kalathil

Indian Christians and Political Activities


Bible in Indian Languages

~~R.Van De Walle

The Bible:Texts and Versions


Goan Christians and Church Music

~~Lourdino Barreto

Christianity and the Status of Women in India

~~Jean Paramjyothi Augustine

Christians and Health-Care Services in India

~~Emmanuel Pallikkunnel



Indian Christians and Workers Movements

~~Thomas Joseph

Indian Christians and Mass Communications Media


The Ecumenical Christian Centre-Whitefield, Bangalore


Indian Christians and Family Planning

~~Marie-Mignon Mascarenhas

20th Century Trends in Christisnity

~~Abraham Adappur

Indian Christians and the Law

~~Joseph Minattur

The Origin and Development of Psychological Tests for Priests

~~John Kalayil svd

Indian Christians and Family Planning

~~Georger Lobo

The Native Clergy in Goa :Recruitment and Formation

~~Carlos M. De Melo

Christians and Nation Building Activities in India

~~John Pulparambil

Common Elements in Christianity and Islam




Tamil Culture

~~Ignatius Hirudayam

Theological Task of Indian Seminaries


Detailed Histories of Certain Congregations and Societies as Examples:

Society of Divine Word

~~Clarence Srambickal

The Society of Jesus in India

~~E.J.Thomas Menachery s.j.

Holy Family Congregation


Franciscan Clarist Congregation


Vincentian Congregation

~~Jacob Kallarackal

Fransalians or Missionaries of St Francis de Sales

~~Fr. Francis Mogept

Carmelites of Mary Immaculate


Institute of Brs. Of Xn Instruction of St Gabriel

Society of St.Vincent De Paul

~~F Silyeira


~~K. Luke

Miss. Society of St Francis Xavier


The Congregation of the Mission

~~Fr.Thomas Maliekal

Order of Preachers in India

~~Fr.Simon Roche

Salesians of Don Bosco in India

~~Orestes Paviotti

Missionaries St Francis de Sales

~~John Edacherry P.

Srs. Of Charity of Sts.Bartholomeo Capitanio & Vincentia Gerosa

The Adoration Congregation

~~Alphonso Maria

Royal Convent of Santa Monica

~~Moreno DSouza

Cong. of the Mother of Carmel

Apostolic Carmel in India


~~James Pazhayattil

St Thomas Hospital and Leprosy Centre

~~M. Aschoff

Xavier Institute, Jamshedpur


Cath.Nurses Guild of India

~~Sr. M. Ella


Christian Institute for the Study of Religion & Society

Catholic Hospital Association of India

~~Emmanuel Pallikkunnel

The Apostleship of Prayer

The Eucharistic Crusade


Rumanian Orthox Episcopate of America

S.H. College Shembagannur


Indian Social Institute

~~Alfred DSouza

Bom Jesus Shrine of St.Francis Xavier

~~Moreno DSouza

Vidyajyothi, Delhi

~~V.C. George

Shrine Basilica of O. L. of Vailankanni

~~Xavier Irudayaraj

Jnanadeepa, Poona

~~Phillip Kalarickal

The National Vocation Service Centre (NVSC)

~~E. Zeitler

The Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood

~~Stan F. Aranjo

The Christian Nurses League


Catholic Youth Organisations in Indian Universities

~~Phillip Thomas

The Student Christian Movement of India

~~S. Amritham and M. E. Prabhakar

St. Marys Orphanage, Fatima Nagar

~~George T. Thekkekkara


Sacred Heart College, Thiruppattur


Indian Christian Endeavour Union

~~B. K. Pramanik

The Sodality of Our Lady (CLC) in India

~~Francis A. Benac

The Sodality in Kerala

~~Bro. Louis Manjaly

C.M.C. and Brown Memorial Hospital, Ludhiana

Orthodox Churches in America

Eastern Churches in India the Future

~~E. R. Hambye

Doctrinal and Practical Implications of Inter Communion

~~George Lobo

The Apostle of Sendamaram Joseph Ignaci




~~Ferroli D.

Missionary of the New Madura Mission Jean-Baptiste


St. John De Britto

Jacques Thomas De Rossi

Francis Bertram (1870 1936)

~~Lawrence Sundaram

Fr. Hadrian Caussanen (1850 1930)

Fr. Santago James (1848 1926)

~~X. Irudayaraj

Constantine Lievens of Chota Nagpur

~~Fr. Varghese Anikuzhi

St. John De Britto

~~D. Mauricio

Alcoholism and the Catholic Church in Bombay City

~~Augustus L. De Souza

Rudolph Acquawiva and his Companions

~~J. Wicki

Certain Liturgical Developments in Kerala

~~Charles Paingot

Society of Holy Childhood

John Paul II Visit


Hierarchal Centenary

Some Thoughts on Sangham Age Christians of Kerala

~~J. J. Morris

Early Christianity in Tamil Nadu

~~Devanayagam and Devakala

Indias Ancient Monastic tradition

~~Francis Achrya

Heads of NCCI Member Churches and Office Bearers



M.S.Rajasekhara Ayer

Noel Narayanaswami Ayer



T.S.Sundaram Ayer

Rao Saheb Vincent Mahadeva Ayer - An Orthodox Brahmin

J.VaidyaNatha Ayer BA LT

A Brethern Mission of Andhra

~~K.Prasantha Kumar

Christ For Andhra - Media Thrust

~~JNM Wijngaards

Missionary Society of St.Thomas the Apostle

Congregation of Mother of Carmel

~~Nirmala Province Trichur

Pontifical Mission Aid Societies

~~Fr.Lucio da Veiga Coutinho

Good Shepherd Minor Seminary - Diocese of Palai

~~Fr.George Choorkat

Oriens Theological College, Shillong

~~Mathew Thundathil

St.Pius College, Goregaon

~~Fr.Agnelo Gracias

St.Pauls Regional Minor Seminary


St.Marys Seminary, Patna

~~Fr. Thomas Olikathotty

St.Marys Preparatory Seminary,Palayamkottai


Northeast India Baptist Bible College


St.Pauls Minor Seminary IinJalaKuda

~~Fr. Arikat

VidyaJyothi, Delhi

All India Mission Seminary, Pilar, Goa

St.Michaels Minor Seminary, Belgaum


Patriarchal Seminary of Rachol



Mary Matha College, Kanjirappally

~~Fr.Sebastian Ullatt

Ishvani Kendra, Pune

~~Fr.Augustine Kanjamala

SH Theological College, Shillong


Sothern Asia Bible College, Bangalore


SH Church, Meghalaya

~~Rev.Fr.A.Buocieeri sdb

The Sunday Liturgy

~~Fr.Joseph Thensseril

St.Alberts College,Ranchi

~~Jos De Cuype

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